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Imagining the narrative of place

The human activity of imagining… is more than a metaphor; it is a particular form of practice. Imagining is not just the grasping or the conceptualization of that which is ‘out there’; it also implies an attempt to render an idea real by making it the model for […]

The Tyranny of Optics



Representation, landscape & the multi-perspectival

All that seeks to define territory exactly is distorted by: scale, relativity, proximity, time, motion (misdirection), saturation and assumptions of continuity. All that seeks to distinguish territory with an inherent inexplicability, fosters the non-linear, the montage, collage, and poetry.

Cartography (in Greek chartis = map and graphein = […]

Schillig Watt & Wilhelmshaven

National Park Wattenmeer at Schillig, Germany

Schillig was the site in the Wattenmeer for all the sampling, photography and documentation for the “at low tide” project. Shillig’s sandy shoreline at the edge of the National Park Wattenmeer (North Sea) proved to be both a visually stimulating spot for photography as well as provided safe access […]

Sampling the Watt

The artists collected samples of watt (soil and water) from the Schillig Watt site, with sampling advice of Dr. Holger Freund, geologist at the ICBM (Wilhelmshaven) of University of Oldenburg – Germany. Later the samples were digitally photographed at various levels of depth under an electronic microscope. Then the numerous microscopic-images were collaged, “stitched together”, […]


What’s living in the Watt?

“at low tide” is interested in deriving a sense of landscape that goes beyond what the human eye normally associates with visualization. We too often regard the concept of landscape, or scenery with the assumption of human scale as a given for our ideas of place.